Ephel Duath and Earache Records part ways

Here's the official press release.

And here's the comment that Davide posted on the ED Myspace blog.
I agree with Davide on this.
Davide have been interviewed by Lambogoat about this. You can find the interview here.

Even if I can't be part of this anymore (that makes me sad, but life is often sad), I'm sure the new, long awaited tide has finally come in your life my friend. And it will take you as high as the sky. You finally found the exit from that opaque, filthy case, don't you think?

Ephel Duath Myspace will give you updates whenever there are.
For those who are interested in new Davide Tiso's projects, please refer to the Karyn Crisis band Myspace and/or to the Davide Tiso Music Myspace.

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