The Spider Leaves

I'm glad to announce that two friends will add their great art to new Ephel Duath's release Through My Dog's Eyes. The first print of the album (scheduled for January 26th 2009 on Earache Records) will include a bonus DVD with loads of interesting stuff, among which there is a tiny superb dark comic story inspired by the song Spider Shaped Leaves. The title is The Spider Leaves; script by Adriano "The Machine" Barone and artwork by Paolo Castaldi.
What you see is a preview of the first page and of the amazing artwork by Paolo.
Countless thanks goes to Adriano and Paolo, who worked on an unearthly schedule indeed.

6 commenti:

  1. Thanks, bro.
    And it's true: time-wise, Paolo made a little miracle on this one.


  2. spettacolo!
    bravi, bravi, bravi a tutti!
    me l'avevi detto che le tavole erano disegnate bene, ma non pensavo così tanto bene... complimenti a tutti!

  3. Le robbe le fammo bbbbeene noiiiii!

  4. Il maestro Paolo le ha fatte in due-dicasi DUE-giorni.
    Son cose che dovrebbero passare alla storia, mica cazzi.